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Submitted on
May 24, 2005
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All alone in her own little world,
she cries herself to sleep.
No one there to save her from herself,
she bleeds.
She says no one loves her,
she has no friends,
but it is all in her mind,
I'm here.
I sit back and watch,
there is nothing I can do,
nothing I can say.
When she drinks,
she does not think.
And it is like the knife has its own mind,
when it cuts,
each time another peice of her mind falls away,
flies away.
I know what she is going through,
I almost did the same.
So what I can do is give advise,
on things I would have done different.
Those things I should not have said,
should not have done.
My friends worried the same as I worry for her,
I caused so much pain.
It is a wonder they're still here,
to help me get through.
And I still think God that I did not go to far,
it took wakeing up to realize,
I have people who care,
people to love me,
because I am not alone.
I met a girl who was cutting herself.
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Wow dude that almost made me cry I have a similar situation. Thank you for that it was very good.
Thank you. I hope It helped some with your situation. I have always found that reading other peoples poetry always helps. If you ever want to talk about it you can leave me a note or something. Thank you for the fav I really appreciate it.
Yes it was very good and I'll send ya a note cause I like to chat about these sorts of things.
thanks a bunches.
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